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Daintree Rainforest Village – About Us


Another World

When you venture this far north and cross the Daintree River by ferry, you enter another world. Turn off your aircon and wind down the car windows. Breath the fresh oxygen of the Daintree Rainforest.

The temperature drops at least 8 degrees in the forest, the shadows are a deep violet and the single road winds through tunnels of ancient ferns, climbing vines, palms and exotic fruiting trees. Delicate waterfalls spill down the cliff sides giving life to lime green mosses and golden epiphytes.

The wildlife is just as psychedelic with giant cassowaries that flash across the road all glossy, black plumes and intense red, blue necks. Notice the floating green birdwing butterflies, wild electric blue butterflies, emerald forest doves and screaming cockatoos, spotted goannas and forest dragons, giant green frogs and rainbow fish and shining purple crustaceans in the mountain streams.

People of the forest

The local people of the forest are just as colorful and elusive as the flora and fauna. Here, north of the river, you have entered the realm of Australia’s largest off grid community. Some 800 permanent residents live a self sufficient lifestyle in the Daintree Rainforest. All of the businesses are off grid too. We produce our own electricity, gather all of our water and manage our waste without any of the services common in a distant city or the towns just across the river. It takes a lot of effort and resourcefulness to provide these services to our visitors. Be mindful of your consumption.

You will meet the locals working on the ferry, in the cafes and ice cream shops, the service station and the campgrounds and accommodations. Your knowledgeable tour guides call the rainforest home. We often share our understanding of the local animals and plants, the weather and the history of our precious region. Come closing time, we disappear down the side tracks to tend to our solar panels, our batteries and generators, our water bores and pumps. We have orchards and gardens and pets. We have hobbies like hunting wild pigs and playing music with friends.We live in tropical homes, some without walls, some with deep shady verandahs, some just simple camps in the bush. It may sound impossible to visitors but many of us live a fulfilling home life without mobile phone coverage or internet or even television.

The Owners

Daintree Rainforest Village first opened way back in the 1980s. Mark and Janelle are new owners since 2017 and live onsite. As newcomers to the Daintree we hope to breath new life into this old beauty and retain its natural charm. Our backgrounds are varied and well suited to this new venture, coming from resort hospitality and marine tourism, self sufficient organic farming and sailing our catamaran on the high seas.

We have always enjoyed the beauty of the natural world. Daintree Rainforest Village is the perfect opportunity for us to share with you the sheer awesomeness of this area. We encourage you to take your time, to stop and look closely at the beautiful life of the forest ecosystems…in the canopy, on the forest floor and in the streams. We hope you are enchanted, as we are by this ancient forest and her intrepid people.


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Thank You

Thank you for making the massive effort to travel so far to see the Daintree.

This may be your once in a lifetime visit.

Come and stay, you’ll need more than a Day.

Set up base camp in the heart of the Daintree Rainforest.

Mark stops working long enough to catch a fish at Cow Bay in the Daintree Rainforest.
Janelle likes to walk along the Cow Bay Beach in the Daintree sunshine.

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