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Crocodiles in the Daintree river

See Crocodiles Safely, in the Daintree National Park.

DAINTREE NATIONAL PARK is definitely home to many CROCODILES.    Read on to find out where are the safest places to see crocodiles in the wild. Stick to the plan and you wont get eaten! 

Well you might just be lucky to see a croc in the Daintree River when you are on the Daintree ferry,  from the safety of your car window. This is probably the safest way to see a croc in the Daintree National Park.

The Daintree river has a large population of salt water crocodiles and they  swim past the ferry almost every day.

Did you know that crocs are masters of camouflage? They can easily be mistaken for a log floating down the river, or a pile of lumpy mud on the river bank, or just a pair of eyeballs peaking from the muddy water. Occasionally you will spot a croc basking on one of the many coconut lined beaches on the Daintree Coast. Or they will cruise on by, in the shallows of the Coral Sea, with their powerful tails pumping side to side.

Crocodiles are also the masters of ambush too, meaning they can launch upward from the water, at their unsuspecting prey, without ever being detected. Boom! The powerful jaws clamp down to claim the feed. They say that the crocs you don’t see, are the ones you should be most wary of.


  • Always obey crocodile warning signs.
  • Never swim where crocodiles may be present, even if you don’t see any signs.
  • Look out for crocodile slide marks on the bank and stay well away from them.
  • When fishing, always stand a few metres back from the water’s edge and never clean fish or discard scraps near the water’s edge.
  • Don’t dangle arms or legs out of a boat. If you fall out, get back in as quickly and calmly as possible.
  • Never provoke or attack crocodiles and do not feed them or leave food out for them.
  • Camp at least 50m from the edge of the water and 2m above the high-water mark. Don’t leave any food scraps at your campsite and don’t prepare food or wash dishes at the water’s edge.

The best way to see crocodiles safely is on a Croc Cruise

To understand more about these amazing prehistoric creatures, you can book on one of  the Daintree Rainforest crocodile cruises. These tours are definitely a safe way to see crocodiles. But, in the Daintree you wont find any tours operators feeding crocodiles or poking them with sticks.

The Daintree Crocodiles are truly wild, and the operators are extremely experienced and passionate about crocodiles. They have a wealth of knowledge about the habits and routines of the crocodiles who inhabit these Daintree waterways.

Tours mostly run for just one or two hours and are affordable and safe for families, too.

Daintree Rainforest Croc Country
Cape Trib Wilderness Cruise runs on Coopers Creek in the very heart of the Daintree Rainforest, a favorite habitat for salt water crocodiles.

Four of the Best Guided Croc Spotting Cruises on the Daintree River.


But wait! There is only one crocodile spotting tour licenced to operate within the Daintree National Park itself.

While we think all of the Daintree River tours are awesome, we love to recommend the Cape Trib Wilderness Cruise. The guide has been hosting tours in search of the estuarine crocodile, on Coopers Creek in the heart of the rainforest, for over 35 years. The tour runs 3 or four times a day in peak season and it is just a five minute drive from Daintree Rainforest Village.

The staff at Daintree Rainforest Village are happy to help you book any of these amazing wildlife tours, at no extra cost to you. Come and see us in the bright green shop on Cape Tribulation Road.

No, there are no crocodiles near the camp ground at Daintree Rainforest Village. Come and stay, you need more than a day! Book your camp site here.

And , remember, to safely see crocodiles in the Daintree National Park,  you need to STAY CROC WISE IN CROC COUNTRY. 

Stick to the plan and you wont get eaten!

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