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Daintree Rainforest Village – Fuel & Shop


Daintree Rainforest Village general store is open every day from 7am to 6pm..


Get your fresh and frozen food, fuels and oils and basic supplies.

It’s a vibrant place where all your day to day needs are met. We have a large range of choices for a little shop in the bush. It’s the best place to do a top-up-shop, instead of driving all the way to Mossman again.

Find the things you forgot in town and emergency supplies as well. If we don’t stock it we might be able to get it for you.

Fuel Station

We call them SERVOS and Daintree Rainforest Village servo is the only place you can buy premium, unleaded petrol and diesel fuel north of the Daintree River.

Hey!, and don’t presume we are overpriced just because we are remote! Our fuel prices are great considering location and we are often cheaper than the big boys in town!

Grab your smoking gear, your block and party ice, the bait and Gas bottles here too. Plus, we have a good range of automotive oils and coolants, degreasers and demineralised water. We are also proud to now sell 100% Australian made Century batteries for cars, trucks, SUVs and mowers.

What is a servo without a servo pie? Well it is just a petrol station. We serve hot servo pies from Mrs Mac and Outback, a perfect snack any time of day. Get a hot one now!

What is in the General Store?

We have a constant supply of fresh tropical fruit grown by our local ‘north of the river’ residents. Depending on the season, you can buy paw paw, banana, mango, passionfruit , soursop, mangosteen, jackfruit, lychee, rambutan and coconuts.

Drop in to the store to see what is in season for you. The money you spend on local produce goes directly back to our lovely local growers.

We have a good range of fresh vegetables, cryovaced meats from Mossman Butcher and the Tablelands farms. We always have cheeses, dips, cold cuts and fresh free range eggs. Check out the details below.

We are proud to stock Mungalli Creek biodynamic dairy products. Their fruit yogurt  and Greek yogurts are fab and the milk has real cream on top!

We also carry the Dairy Farmers and Barista Brothers flavored milks and iced coffees and long life milk plus a nice choice of non dairy milks of soy, almond and coconut.

You can find something for everyone in our bread shelves from flat wraps, to Naan bread, Roti, sliced white, multigrain and wholemeal of course and gluten free corn tortillas.

Fresh sliced loaves are delivered on Friday. Every other day you will find sliced bread in the freezer.

What is a shop trip without lollies and Ice Creams?! We have STREETS best of the best ice creams on sticks and bags and bags of Sweet treats from the Natural Confectionery Company plus old Aussie favorites like Jelly Beans and Pineapples from Allens. There’s chocolate bars and blocks of chocolate, choc coated lollies and little chocolate frogs. There’s lozenges and gums, peppermints, sour chews and long, long licorice.

Whip up an easy meal from our grocery selection of rices, pastas and noodles. Grab your canned vegetables and beans, fish and soups, curries and condiments. We  have sauces and dressings, oils and vinegars, toppings and quick easy snacks of chips n dips, nuts and spicy bhujia plus good quality muesli and cereals, pancake mix and canned fruit.

Quick and easy meals are in the freezer section, Pizza, Dim Sims, Lasagna, and Garlic Bread.

There is a great range of frozen vegetables, chicken pieces, fish fillets, sausages, beef mince, lamb chops and rissoles. What else do you need for the barbie?

Frozen deserts of danish pastries, gourmet ice cream and cheesecakes are waiting for you too.

Don’t stress about bites and stings, muscle strains and headaches, allergies or dehydration. We have a solution for your discomfort, including laxatives and soothing creams, sunburn relief and anti histamines, rash powders and electrolytes.

Our line of preventatives include bug sprays and mozzie coils, sunblock and even condoms!

We have a pleasant range of feminine hygiene and personal grooming products. And if you forgot your toothbrush, shampoo or floss, don’t stress we’ve got some here.

Disposable nappies for newborns, toddlers and walkers, baby wipes, baby shampoo and powder. Every emergency is covered, including baby bottles and bottle brushes and pain relief for small children.

Do you need a torch or batteries, gas canisters or firestarters, tea light candles, tent pegs, mozzie nets, mozzie coils or raincoats,  rope and tape or romantic citronella candles? We’ve got it.

That’s right! We are the only pet friendly campground in the Daintree and we stock pet food for dogs and cats, big bags of yummy dog biscuits and big bags of kitty litter too.

We sell Schmackos for your very clever fur baby too!

If you must repair, we have the gear. Cutting wheels, grinding disks, paint brushes and sandpaper, glues and and fuse sets, hose clamps, tapes and ties, spark plugs and bath plugs, padlocks and P plates. Yeah, we have a bit of everything…just ask.

Daintree Rainforest Village is the central CPA where you can purchase local and international stamps for your postcards and send them from our little red Australia Post Box. We also stock prepaid satchels, envelopes and postal tubes.

Because mail is only delivered and collected on Tuesday and Friday each week, you can’t expect a high speed service. Express Post does not work here. It’s the Daintree!

Need cash for Ice Cream? Daintree Rainforest Village has an ATM located inside the shop. As it is an independent ATM fees apply.

The shop has a SMARTPAY  EFTPOS facility with no minimum purchase rule. A small SMARTPAY surcharge may apply.

We power up the FREE  public telephone  at the Daintree Rainforest Village car park. It almost always works.

The Daintree Rainforest Village shop has just about everything you need for daily basics and  top up supplies.

If we don’t have it, you can probably live without it.

Come in and say G’day to our genuine local staff.