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Daintree Rainforest Village – Campground Activities


Welcome to Australia’s most beautiful campground,  Daintree Rainforest Village. Here you camp in a peaceful world, surrounded by the lushest gardens and magnificent rainforest. Your back to nature experience will be breathtaking and memorable.

Our 20 acre property encompasses Hutchison Hill, which provides the only campground in the Daintree Rainforest, where you can walk up out of the bush, to see the glorious panoramic rainforest mountain views. You can clearly see the mighty WUNDU, Queensland’s third highest mountain –  known in English as Thornton Peak – and its new and fascinating landslide.

Watch the mists of humidity drift across vast tracts of rainforest covered valleys.

Living with Nature and the Simple Pleasures of Camping.

Relax-in-Nature-Daintree Camping
  • Stroll around the acres of lawns up to the edge of the jungle to view untouched miles of pristine ancient rainforest to the west, south and north. Take your dog for the evening walk well away from traffic and crowds.
  • Enjoy the best of Daintree Rainforest sunsets over Thornton Peak and Little Thornton from up the hill and maybe have a sundowner or two and a picnic while you are there.
  • Swing like a child from a giant Rainforest fig, high above the campground. It is an exhilaratingly simple pleasure that people of all ages just can’t resist. In summer you’ll notice the trees are heavily loaded with fruit on the limbs, a tasty treat for nocturnal flying foxes, one of the biggest bats in the world.
  • Cook up an Aussie style BBQ in our generous camp kitchen. It is a wonderful meeting place for travellers to swap stories and tips with luscious forest views as your dining backdrop. There is always a chorus of birdsong and jungle insect chirrups. If you are lucky you may see occasional night visits by snakes, wallabies and bandicoots.
  • Spark up the communal camp fire near the camp kitchen and gather for a chat, a drink or a toasted marshmallow. There is something very special about sitting round a fire with the dark jungle surrounding you. Nothing beats the laughter of friends, crackle of fire and calls of the wild. Firewood is provided, free. Marshmallows and sparklers are in the shop!
  • Wonder at the vast and starry Milky Way from the wide open spaces of the Star Gazer’s Field. You are so far away from the interference of city lights that the night sky here is breathtaking. The longer you look, the more you see. Take a blanket, lay on the lawn and watch the cosmos spin around you.
  • Be still and quiet as wild Cassowaries come through the campground. They are here to feast on ripened Quandong berries, cassowary plums and native gardenia fruits. The father cassowary is teaching his young how to survive in the bush. For humans to feed them would interfere with this learning and we don’t want to further endanger them. Follow them closely but only with your zoom lens.
  • Keep a watch for the blue Forest Kingfishers, tiny yellow Sunbirds, Double Eyed Fig Parrots, Imperial Pigeon and Wompoo Dove and the mad Metallic Starlings. Friar Birds and Orioles, Northern Butcher Bird…so many delightful birds.!
  • Tune your ear to the nocturnal songs of the Lesser Sooty Owl, whose call sounds just like the whistle of an old WWII bomb dropping to the ground. The lonely Bush Stone Curlew will often wail at 2am like a mad woman screaming! No its not Janelle, it’s a Stone Curlew with a long skinny neck and beautiful big sad eyes. Giant leathery fruit bats will squabble in the fruit trees and wild Rainforest Dingos may howl across the valleys in the early morning. Your own jungle lullaby!
  • Sneak a peek of a penny tortoise down by the waterhole, giant rainforest yabbies and White Lipped Tree Frogs. See if you can spot exotic rainforest mushrooms and fairytale lichen dotted around the shady areas. Towering above you are the rare trees of prehistoric times…idiospermum (the green dinosaur), the Cassowary Plum tree, giant King Ferns and the ancient Hope’s Cycad and the thorny Wait-a-While.

Come and stay, you need more than a Day.

Set up your base camp in the heart of the Daintree Rainforest.

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