Daintree Rainforest Village Camping


Located in the heart of the World Heritage listed Daintree Rainforest, the Daintree Rainforest Village is the perfect place to park your campervan or caravan. For a truly back to nature experience, set up camp and enjoy the breathtaking views and the friendly relaxed atmosphere of our beautiful campground.

Camping in the jungle does not get any better than this.

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It’s  time to go camping in the Daintree Rainforest again!

YES!.. We are open and taking bookings now.


YES! We are pet friendly.

YES! We are closed to arrivals on Christmas Day..Please book  your Christmas camping break before or after the 25th December.

The Daintree Rainforest is enjoying a spectacular green and sunny winter here. We have had intermittent rain and the forest is luscious, the creeks are crystal and the wildlife is humming.

Come and stay, you’ll need more than a day!

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  • We are pre-screening all guests to the camp ground…please complete the registration form on arrival

  • Social distancing should be adhered to while you are on the property

  • We reserve the right to refuse entry if you are displaying recognised symptoms of Corona virus

See you soon.

Warm regards from Mark and Janelle and the team at Daintree Rainforest Village.


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Daintree Rainforest Powered Camp Sites


  • Our powered sites accommodate caravans, motorhomes, campervans and large tents up to about 12 metres in length and are easily reversed into with ample room for your fold out awning on the side. Each powered site has water on tap and a grey water disposal sump. They are private and shady and divided by colorful terraced gardens. Each has a backdrop view directly into the forest full of epiphytes and palms, climbing vines and fruiting rainforest trees like the blue Quandong, cauliflorous figs and the crazy giant Jackfruit. Cassowaries will make their entrance into the camp through this part of the forest in search of ripe quandong.
    * * Best suited to EVERYONE!

  • Drive through powered sites are located in the central camp zone and can accommodate larger rigs and long caravans. Please chat with the staff about your requirements.
    * * Best suited to longer caravans and large RVs

  • Elevated powered site (one only) is up the private road on a plateau of open lawns. The views of the rainforest and surrounding mountains are breathtaking from this site and the stargazing at night is astronomical!
    * * Best suited to campervans, rooftop campers and tents.


You are spoiled for choice with our unpowered campsites. Some campers like to be close to all of the facilities, some like to be just slightly removed and then there are those who want to be as far away from everything as possible. We have just the right site for you.

Main Campground – we have many unpowered sites on large grassy areas among shady trees and sunny lawns. Water on tap is available in the centre of these grounds. Each site is convenient to the bathrooms and laundry while the camp kitchen and communal fire pit is just a short stroll away from your sleep zone.

** Best suited to all vehicles, trailers, vans, RVs, tents and swags.

Xena’s Landing – has two unpowered sites with a water faucet. Here you are slightly removed from the main campground on your own little terrace in the shade of an elderly oil palm. Of course its further to walk to the amenities (by about 50 meters, but we have created a shortcut for you by way of a staircase through the garden…which is lit at night.

These campsites have enchanting views of our giant rainforest fig on the hill where people of all ages like to take turns on the swing with a view.

Xena’s Landing is on the edge of a wildlife corridor, where cassowaries forage for native fruits and berries in the spring and fireflies whirl by on humid summer evenings and Ulysses butterflies follow the winding gardens in search of floral nectars.

** Best suited to singles, couples, families and small groups in campervans and tents.

The Knoll – these campsites are tucked away in a private grove of trees halfway up the hill. From here you have a birds eye view over the main campground below and a magical vista out to the rainforest and mountains surrounding us. Rainforest dingoes and lace monitors and Forest Kingfishers like to visit this area. The bathrooms are a four minute walk away and vehicle access to this site is over steep lawns which can be very slippery after rain or heavy dew. A small campfire may be permitted on request.

** Best suited to one or two 4WD vehicles only and small groups of self contained campers.

The Penthouse – This amazing campsite is on a grassy level plateau at the top of the hill. From here the views of Thornton Peak, the third highest mountain in Queensland and surrounding Daintree Jungle are superb. With Hutchison Hill at your back, you can watch the early morning sunbeams roll down Thornton from Peak from your bed. At the end of the day you have primo position to catch the best sunset in the Daintree. Groups of up to three vehicles and tents can fit on the Penthouse site. Or you can just stretch out on your own. A small campfire may be permitted on request. It’s a ‘good walk to the bathroom.

The Penthouse campsite is surrounded by host trees of the Ulysses and Birdwing butterflies. The Bleeding Heart trees you see up there are food source for the caterpillar stage of the Giant Hercules moth, the largest in the world. Wildlife commonly seen at the Penthouse are Dingos, Cassowaries and large Amethystine Pythons.

** Best suited to 4WD vehicles only and self sufficient campers who love to get back to nature.



There is a growing interest among travellers and explorers to experience the rainforest during its peak activity time – the wet season – when the forest really comes alive. Daintree Rainforest Village is the only campground in the rainforest to offer sheltered campsites for most types of vehicles and camping setups.

Our sheltered campsites are designed to drive in and park under the waterproof roof. There’s a concrete slab and a privacy screen with passionfruit vines surrounding your outdoor area. Water and power is available and there’s plenty of room to set up your barbecue, table and chairs.

Kick back and relax to the sights, smells and sounds of a real wet season in the tropical Daintree Rainforest.

** Best suited to campervans, tents and RVs and adventurous people who love Jurassic lightning storms and dancing in the rain!


Daintree Rainforest Village is 20 acres of freehold land in the heart of the Daintree National Park. We are the only pet friendly campground. Because of our passing parade of protected native wildlife and the occasional feral pig, we insist that your dogs and cats remain on leads at all times during your stay, for the protection of the wildlife and also for the safety of your pets.

Please don’t leave your pet unattended for any length of time and do not allow them to enter the bathrooms, laundry or camp kitchen. We have 8 acres of mowed lawns to walk your pets and we hope they will be happy campers here too.

Camping at Daintree Rainforest Village is a truly back to nature experience that all ages enjoy.

Come and stay, you need more than a Day.

Set up base camp in the heart of the Daintree Rainforest.

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