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Daintree camping at Night. What is it Really Like.

Daintree Camping at Night. What is it Really Like?

Camping over night in the Daintree Rainforest is a special experience that very few people get to achieve. It is an adventure in itself and we always recommend you allow at least a couple of nights to cover all of the wonderful opportunities here. At Daintree Rainforest Village you will start to tune into the nature as soon as you have settled into your camp site. Take a short walk around the property to get a lay of the land before night fall.

Nights by the Camp FireCamp Fire at Daintree rainforest Village

Our camp fire has free wood provided. Your job is to burn it. We like you to take this great opportunity for kids to learn about building a camp fire and keeping it going. They can toast marshmallows and roast sweet potatoes and run around in the dark while the adults swap travel stories and a few laughs.

The Night Begins with  Sunset on the hill

Daintree Rainforest Village is the only place in the rainforest where you can catch a sunset. Stroll up to our special sunset viewing area and maybe take some cheese and crackers and your favorite beverage. From here you see the vast rainforest for miles around and, if the clouds lift very high, you will witness the sun setting over Queensland’s third highest mountain, Thornton Peak.

Do You Love Stargazing and Astronomical Events?

Set up camp in your swag or camper or caravan at the Daintree Rainforest Village for the best chance to view the Milky Way and other special astrological events. It is so dark here because you are miles away from any city and no interference from city lights.

We have a special area on our designated especially for those nature lovers who love stargazing. The Stargazers field is a field of open lawn on the side of Hutchison Hill. You have the elevation above the rain forest canopy and a clear view of the night sky. Use this handy Night Sky Map to help plan your astronomical activities in the Daintree Rainforest.

Amateur Astronomers may be interested  to see the Astroblog  Calendar of Coming Events: A Year of Southern Astronomy for 2019. This is a place to learn more about our Australian skies and some fun and fascinating stuff about life, the universe and everything!

Spot Lighting in the Daintree Rainforest

Grab your torch and your best friends hand and go spotlighting in the forest. You may see sleeping birds and snakes a hunting. Right now, in August it is spider time in ze jungle and the Daintree has  the largest variety of spiders in Australia. The webs of Huntsmen, Golden Orbs and many others are slung across the forest to catch the night insects. Many beetles are also about at night searching for food on the forest floor along with Echidnas and possums.

Come to reception to get help with booking a guided night walk in the Daintree Rainforest.

Sounds of the Night Jungle.

When you are comfortable, back in your caravan or swag to settle down for the night keep one ear pricked for the night calls of  the Orange footed Scrub fowl squabbling over roosting place in the tall trees. Or the  beautiful brown furry  fruit bats and with a wings span of one mtr. They scream and fight over ripe tropical fruit in the trees. You may here the strange call of the Lesser Sooty Owl who sounds more like a whistling bomb drop from an old Bugs Bunny cartoon. At 2am the Bush Stone Curlews will disturb every ones sleep with their mournful wailing. At first you will think its a woman or a baby screaming, no, its the Curlew with big sad eyes and long skinny legs. They are  very shy for such a noisy bird.

At Daintree Rainforest Village you will experience the best of Daintree night camping for caravans and motor homes, camper trailers and swags. We like to call it Natures Own Boutique Camping Experience at Budget Prices.

Come and Stay. You’ll need more than a day. Book your spot here.

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