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Daintree Rainforest Daily Life. Part 1

Daintree Rainforest Daily Life.

Once upon a time, like today, there is a Little Red Post Box in Ze Jungle.Daintree Rainforest living day to day

Every day is fun and busy for the Little Red Post Box.


On Tuesday and Friday every week, Jack the Postman delivers all the people’s mail and parcels to the shop. He brings some newspapers for the people of Ze Jungle to read.Daintree Rainforest Daily Life
Jack collects the mail from the Little Red Post Box in Ze Jungle and takes it to the Big Smoke over the Misty Mountain and across the Crocodile River.


On Tuesday, every week, Dick the Big Blue Petrol Truck brings fuel for all the peoples generators and cars.
On Wednesday the Pie Man comes with all the yummy pies for the people who live in Ze Jungle.
On Thursday, the Ice Cream Truck comes with all kinds of chocolatee and vanillaree frozen treats for the good kids to eat.Daintree Daily living



Friday is fruit day, is everybody happy? Living in the Daintree RainforestNathan and Max, the Jack Russell, brings fresh fruit for the shop basket. Crazy 



Sometimes, if its raining real bad and the River gets in flood, the Jack and Dick and Pies and Ice Cream and Nathan and Max can’t get through.

The Giant White Lip Green Tree Frog likes it when it rains real bad. Daintree rainforest daily lifeHe hides inside the Little Red Post Box in Ze Jungle and waits to surprise the people with their letters and postcards and stamps and parcels.

Every day is fun and busy for the Little Red Post Box in Ze Jungle.

Journey To Daintree Rainforest Village

Watch this cool video to see just how easy it is to get to the beautiful Daintree Rainforest Village. This is definitely the most beautiful campground in Far North Queensland.

The  cute little Davo family have headed back to the Daintree Rainforest again. Last time in a retro caravan. This time in a big ass RV.

Enjoy the journey!